Benu Networks

Benu virtualizes the network functions of Residential and Enterprise CPE creating a Virtual Service Edge (VSE). The VSE enables advanced broadband cloud services (ARPU).


Benu's Virtual Service Edge was purpose built to meet the needs of the growing carrier Wi-Fi and Virtual CPE markets. Learn More

Application Enablers

Benu enables a number of new applications when deployed into a carrier's network. This allows operators to transition from competing on price and speed to generating cloud-based value added service revenues. Learn More

Virtual Service Edge

Benu's Virtual Service Edge is the first carrier class subscriber session control platform in the industry that de-couples the control from the data plane allowing each to independently scale. Learn More

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The first generation of broadband subscriber management platforms was focused on xDSL networks. Each platform supported up to 64,000 homes each with .5-1Mbps per home. They were built with traditional router architectures using a lightweight control plane and distributed data plane.

The second generation of subscriber management focused on 2G/3G mobile networks. They were built to support 2-3 million devices each with an average of 20-30Kbps per device. They were built with very large CPU complexes with constrained bearer planes.

Benu's Virtual Service edge decouples the control from the data plane so each can independently scale to support millions of devices each with multi-megabits of bandwidth per device.

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Subscriber Session Control

There has been an evolution in the area of subscriber policy control. We have seen the first generation of products that enabled a single policy applied to a billable address such as a home or business. This technology was prevalent in the original xDSL networks.

When 2G/3G networks were enabled with Internet access, the ability to control policy on a device level basis was enabled but the aggregate bandwidth per device was limited to kilobits per second.

With Benu's Subscriber Session Control the platform can scale to millions of residential customers each individual control of devices within the homes. That per device control can be directly tied to application experience. This is enabled with fine grained per subscriber control, Quality of Service, Traffic Steering and integrated security. The result allows the operator to deploy new revenue generating cloud-based applications rather than continuing to try to compete on price and speed.

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